The International Hotel | The Hotel Casino Elvis Built:

Is rock n roll dead? No way, but the king was supposed to have left the building. The ghost of Elvis or just mass hysteria? Most will be dismissive, but it was good enough to make Las Vegas 8 News in 2022. We all know usually when we pass on it’s a clear cut case of return to sender?

Publicity stunt or poltergeist? In 1969 Elvis Presley built the hotel The International and he headlined the opening night. Elvis once lived on the top floor of his hotel for 2 years and many say he’s still a resident at The International Las Vegas Westgate Casino today, also previously the Las Vegas Hilton.

We don’t know if it’s true that the king still haunts the halls of the Westgate. Elvis is said to be a friendly spirit. But just in case don’t step on his blue suede shoes!

It is reported quests of the hotel and Elvis’s stepbrother David is said to have seen the king wandering the halls of the upper floors of the hotel. They’ve heard Elvis’s music but there’s no radio or stereo.

Eyewitness accounts say it’s never anything that that’s threatening it’s always entertaining. David words: I mean mostly there’s a light over against the wall. There’s no way to turn on the light. Unless you get up out of the bed and turn it on yourself. He was in bed when he felt the presence of Elvis.

He said Elvis if that’s you, brother, turn on the light. Apparently, the light came on.

What do you think? Is Elvis Alive? Does he walk the hotel corridors at night? Is he in Graceland or, perhaps walking in Memphis?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Is Elvis Presley’s Ghost Really at The International Hotel?

According to numerous accounts, Elvis’s spirit is said to linger in the halls of The International Hotel, now known as the Westgate Casino. Witnesses, including family members, claim to have encountered the ghostly presence.

2. When Did Elvis Presley Open The International Hotel?

Elvis Presley headlined the grand opening of The International Hotel in 1969, marking a significant moment in both the history of the hotel and the world of entertainment.

3. Did Elvis Really Live at The International Hotel?

Yes, Elvis once called the top floor of The International Hotel his home for a period of two years. Some believe that his spirit still resides within the premises.

4. What Unusual Occurrences Have Been Reported?

Guests and eyewitnesses have reported hearing Elvis’s music playing without any visible source. There are also accounts of lights mysteriously turning on and other entertaining yet unexplained phenomena.

5. Is Elvis’s Ghost Considered Friendly or Threatening?

Witnesses describe Elvis’s ghost as a friendly and entertaining presence. There have been no reports of threatening encounters; instead, the experiences are often described as enjoyable.

6. Has Elvis’s Stepbrother, David, Seen the Ghost?

Yes, Elvis’s stepbrother David is among those who claim to have witnessed the ghostly apparition of the king. He reported a unique encounter involving the illumination of a light at his request.

7. What Happened During David’s Encounter with Elvis’s Ghost?

David, feeling the presence of Elvis, challenged the spirit to turn on a light. According to his account, the light obeyed, adding a mysterious and intriguing element to the ghostly tales.

8. Are There Any Reports of Threatening Activity by Elvis’s Ghost?

No, all reports and accounts suggest that encounters with Elvis’s ghost at The International Hotel are entertaining and non-threatening. It seems the king’s spirit brings a touch of joy to those who experience it.

9. Is The International Hotel Now Known as the Westgate Casino?

Yes, The International Hotel underwent changes and is now known as the Westgate Casino, previously the Las Vegas Hilton.

10. Can Visitors Still Experience Elvis’s Ghost at the Westgate Casino?

The tales of Elvis’s ghost continue to circulate, and some guests claim to have encountered his spirit at the Westgate Casino. Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, it adds an extra layer of intrigue to the hotel’s history.