The Breast Enlargement Wager

High roller and magician Brian “The Wiz” Zembic specialises in blackjack and backgammon. He was known for being “a man who would do anything to win a bet,” he rose to fame in the 1990s. He may have best demonstrated his “game for anything” abilities during the summer of 1996. As men frequently do, the conversation at the table turned to female breasts.

Zembic was engaged in a high-stakes game, and tension grew between the men, and disagreements were flying. Following their argument, Brian Zembic made a dare-slash-wager that would forever alter his life (and body.)

The following wager was made by the two: Zembic would receive breast implants, and Jobo would give him $100,000 if he kept them for a year.
Zembic originally didn’t follow through. But by the fall of 1996, he had suffered significant stock market losses. The breasts bet got better and better looking.

Funny enough, Zembic discovered a cosmetic surgeon who also enjoyed playing backgammon. After a few games and significant losses for the surgeon in question, Brian requested the $4,500 procedure in exchange for the forgiveness of his debts. It was game on.

By the time the year had passed, Zembic had become somewhat well-known as a result of the breast enlargement wager. In Michael Konik’s book “The man with the $100,000 breasts and other stories,” Zembic becomes the main character.

Brian later became a father to a lovely daughter. When his daughter asked about her father’s implants, he replied, “This is what happens when you gamble.” For another example of how not to place a bet check out the guy who wagered his wife? Once again supports responsible gambling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What was the unusual bet made by Brian “The Wiz” Zembic in 1996?

Brian Zembic made a daring bet to undergo breast augmentation, agreeing to keep the implants for a year in exchange for $100,000.

2. What sparked the bet between Zembic and his friend Jobo?

The bet originated during a heated discussion about female breasts at a high-stakes gambling table, highlighting Zembic’s reputation for accepting unconventional wagers.

3. Did Zembic initially follow through with the breast enlargement bet?

Initially hesitant, Zembic did not immediately proceed with the bet. However, circumstances changed when he faced substantial stock market losses.

4. How did Zembic secure the breast augmentation procedure?

Zembic found a cosmetic surgeon who shared his interest in backgammon. Through a series of games and losses, he negotiated the $4,500 procedure in exchange for forgiving the surgeon’s debts.

5. What book featured Brian Zembic’s story prominently?

Michael Konik’s book, “The Man with the $100,000 Breasts and Other Stories,” became a platform for Zembic’s unconventional wager to gain notoriety.

6. What message about responsible gambling can be derived from Zembic’s story?

Zembic’s breast enlargement bet serves as a quirky reminder of the unpredictable nature of gambling. It subtly encourages responsible gambling practices and awareness of potential consequences.

7. Was Zembic’s story well-known within the gambling community?

Yes, Zembic’s story gained notoriety, especially within the gambling community, showcasing the lengths some individuals might go for a unique wager.

8. How did Zembic respond to questions about his breast implants from his daughter?

When faced with inquiries about his implants, Zembic humorously responded to his daughter, stating, “This is what happens when you gamble.”

9. What unconventional aspects of Zembic’s story contributed to its fame?

The bet’s unconventional nature, involving breast implants and a backgammon-playing surgeon, contributed to the uniqueness and fame of Zembic’s story.

10. What broader message does Zembic’s tale convey about the gambling world?

Beyond its eccentricity, Zembic’s story subtly emphasizes the importance of responsible gambling, urging individuals to approach high-stakes wagers with a sense of responsibility and awareness.