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Ben Affleck

The cape-wearing vigilante is well known for bringing his heroics to the blackjack and poker tables. Affleck was so good at blackjack that the Hard Rock Casino forbade him from playing after he won over a million dollars over the course of two occasions. If you believe the divorce documents, his ex-wife Jennifer Garner was equally disappointed despite his success. Ben won the California State Poker Championship in 2004 and participated in a WPT final tournament that same year, as poker enthusiasts may remember.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela doesn’t have the best poker skills. In a single gambling session in Sin City in 2007, the blonde bombshell reportedly lost a quarter of a million dollars to Antonio Esfandiari.

Michael Jordan

Did you realise that Air Jordan’s renown extends to the casino floor in addition to the hardwood? Even with gold medals on the line, Jordan habitually played poker till the crack of morning during the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona. The hall of famer also wagered on which of his teammates would arrive at the airport with their luggage earliest. However, Michael Jordan the gambler may be best remembered for losing $5 million playing craps in Las Vegas or accruing a $1.25 million debt due to golf wagers.

Michael Phelps

The most successful Olympian in history possesses a wide range of skills outside of the pool. The legendary swimmer became well-known for his protracted gambling sessions across the USA. A far cry from the modest stakes poker he used to play online when he first discovered the game, Phelps has been known to lose several hundred thousand dollars at the poker tables. Although his seeming wild gambling and drinking formerly worried friends and family, it’s obvious that it hasn’t damaged his swimming ability.

Charles Barkley

The ex-all-star basketball player’s addiction to gambling is well known. In his life, Barkley has acknowledged losing one million dollars more than 30 times, including a $2.5 million loss he sustained while playing blackjack over the course of six hours. He also thinks his lifetime earnings will be somewhere around $10 million. This sum includes significant winnings from poker and sports betting. He’s found work as an on-air analyst, which is good news for his wallet.

Charlie Sheen

Many people are unaware that Sheen is also a compulsive gambler, despite the fact that most people are familiar with his work from Major League, Platoon, and Two and a Half Men. Perhaps his significant drug usage and extramarital affairs masked his large bets. In addition to regularly wagering $20,000 on sports, the actor also reportedly made a $1 million gamble and lost. It’s unclear if that occurred during his infamous “winning” period.

Toby McGuire

Toby is willing to haul around a $17,000 shuffling machine because he takes the game of poker so seriously. The Spider-Man hero has had little issue weaving webs around the competitors, despite the fact that many have criticised him for being annoying and a disgruntled loser. McGuire has a reputation for consistently winning $50,000 or more in a single evening.

Tiger Woods

The person who popularised golf is a professional gambler. He has been spotted in Vegas with Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley, yet he is more than capable of competing with those basketball players. Woods has a million dollar betting limit at the MGM Grand and is well known for his $25K blackjack hands. His lifetime losses have been estimated by some experts to be in the $50 million level, but for someone with a net worth that easily exceeds $7 million, that’s not a big concern.

Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson

The person whose name appears on his birth certificate is a devoted sports bettor, Curtis James Jackson. The rapper isn’t hesitant to boast about his millions of dollars in wagers on professional sports like football, boxing, and others. He routinely shares pictures of his bankroll and betting slips on social media. Regardless of whether he is winning or losing overall, he did make a rather successful wager on Vitamin Water that easily paid out.

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