Tips and Tricks on How to Win More Often!


How to Win at Slots

Although there is no way for you do alter the outcome of a slot game. There are a few fundamentals rules you can use to your advantage. Slot machine are the most popular game in a casino. Jackpots are a long shot, much like the lottery. Modern slots, with all their nimated elements and bonus games, can be among the most thrilling in a casino. Here are some suggestions on how to succeed at slots.

Don’t Rush Your Play

Don’t sit tapping the start button as fast as you can! Think what you are doing and don’t rush. Remember there is no time limit. Modern graphics can move fast, make sure you keep a mental track of your game play, take note of what happens in bonus rounds and remember it for next time.

Familiarise Yourself with The Game by Utilizing Free Demo Mode

Pick a casino that offers Demo mode on its slot games. Don’t waste your money on games that look good! But really aren’t that great. All good casinos allow players to test the games prior to wagering. Don’t wase you bankroll on a slot you don’t like.

Play Games with Larger Denominations

Almost always, the larger denomination games reward players more. This is scientific fact pre programmed into the gaming software to reward higher wagering players.

Review the Game Information First

Hit the information button usually found in the top corner of a slot games icon. This will give you information like minimum and maximum bets, the coin sizes available, the number of pay lines the slot has. Slot features like Cascading Reels, Wild Reels, Free Spins, and other game features. But the most important to players is player RTP%.

Look at the Games Return to Player Percentage

If you don’t know what RTP is yet. Welcome this is for you: Return to Player (RTP) is what players receive back in their pocket relative to all wagers on the game.

Here’s an Example

If Return to Player (RTP): 94.97% and a slot takes £100 of wagers it will, on average, pay out £94.97 in winnings.

Take Advantage of Offers and Loyalty Programmes

There isn’t a valid excuse not to utilize casino loyalty schemes. You can receive money back for each time the reels are spun. To put this in perspective this is kind of like a casino offering you a better RTP than it offers everyone else. Use free spin offers.

Understand the Different Types of Slots, Traditional, Jackpot, Progressive Jackpots

Jackpot and Progressive Jackpot slots take a very small charge every spin. This is where the money comes from for the Jackpot. Every spin you make contributes toward the enormous prize. (although insignificantly) Progressive slots lower the game’s payout percentage.

Watch your spending

Slot machine distractions make it simple to spend money more quickly than you anticipated. Keep track of your game play by using cool off periods. Set session reminders because time flies when you’re having fun.

Choose a Licensed Casino

We recommend only the best online casinos. All casinos we promote are fully licenced and regulated in Great Britain by The Gambling Commission (UKGC).

Pick a Know Games Developer

Pick a games developer that you know. Play tried and tested, vetted, and certified games only. These games have certified and scientifically tested to ensure stated RTP. This is part of the stipulated criteria when a casino applies for its licensing. supports responsible gambling. Opens in new window: Home – Live Casino – Table Games – Online Slots  Poker – Sports Betting  Bingo – News