The New Hard Rock Las Vegas

Hard Rock is said to have purchased the MGM Grand. Said to sport its biggest-ever neon Guitar in the form of a hotel tower in 2023.

The Hard Rock Casino / Café / Hotel

Contrary to popular belief. Hard Rock Interactive’s roots didn’t start in Las Vegas but rather a central London location. London’s famous Hard Rock Café, formerly a Rolls Royce showroom, came first. Years before, we would see the Hard Rock neon guitar on the Las Vegas strip. Its Rock n Roll theme was there from the start due to the owner’s love and passion for music. It was known for bursting at the seams with memorabilia and rare items associated with famous artists. The very first piece was a guitar used by Eric Clapton.

The First Las Vegas Hard Rock

The Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas opened on April 8, 1990. It was a much bigger event than anticipated, with massive numbers crowding the street to catch a glimpse of Aerosmith, who was the opening act. The Hard Rock Cafe featured a giant 45-foot-tall Gibson Les Paul.

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino would follow slightly later. With its iconic 310-foot replica of a Fender Stratocaster guitar. 75-foot-long piano keyboard and guitar-shaped roulette tables.

On March 10, 1995, the Hard Rock Hotel casino officially opened for business. The Hard Rock Casinos concert hall/arena is famous for hosting iconic bands, including Journey, Nickelback, kiss and guns and roses and the first-ever screening of Con Air.

Being successful and often full to capacity, the resort was heavily expanded over the years and went on to feature The Rolling Stones, Howard Stern and Ozzy Osbourne. In 2009 the property was purchased by Virgin hotels and the Hard Rock after 25 years of operation, it closed on February 3, 2020.

Hard Rock Interactive

Hard Rock International has selected Scientific Games as its new US betting and gaming technology provider. So, it looks very much like the USA or parts of it anyway will see online gaming and sports betting, but will the United Kingdom see a Hard Rock online casino?

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