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How to Play Roulette?

It’s easy, fun, and anyone can play! The game offers suspense and a little tension, particularly when you have a big wager on that tiny ball taking far too long to land. If you love Roulette but want something extra, there are lots of options from the top providers in the business! Play, UK live roulette.

Roulette started in France, so there is a French version and a European version of live Roulette, making this great game more interesting. Now we have slot games paired with Roulette and cash prizes, and you can win spins, making the game even more entertaining.

The main variations are European and American Roulette; the difference between an American and European Roulette wheel is the number of green zeroes. The European roulette wheel features one green Zero. In contrast, the American Roulette wheel (more popular in Las Vegas) features two, giving you twice the chance of scoring at the top of the table if you have two zero positions.

Double Ball Roulette’s highest payment would be for hitting both greens, but the odds are obviously low. 50/50 bets, such as Black and Red, can be placed where the odds are double or nothing, making Live Roulette one of the simplest games to play.

Spend a little time looking through all the game variations to find something that tickles you. Millions of players all around the globe are interacting with live Roulette, so let’s take a look.


European Roulette Table Layout


American Roulette Note: x2 Green 0,00


How to Win at Roulette

Most of us are aware that there is no skill in playing roulette. It is a simple game of chance. Although it is pure chance, there are ways of winning in this simple game. Most of us play roulette to win and if possible winnings which will make life-changing differences but the house always has a margin and obviously the other side of luck is unlucky and at the casino you could be either? A simple strategy that does empower you to win, although a little nail-biting for some. This simple method is to, let’s say you place a bet on black with £1 but you lose. Then the second bet would be to double the bet on red. If you lose again you will continue to double and change colour each bet. Eventually, you will win, simply because the odds are around 50% to win or lose. Once you have your first win, you then return to £1 bets. Each bet you win keep returning to the £1 bet and keep repeat the sequence. If this type of strategy appeals to you, you make wish to study the Martingale strategy. Or the D’ Alembert strategy. A little more complicated strategy is the Fibonacci Sequence, which is commonly used in stock trading. Good luck and enjoy.

History of Roulette

Roulette was invented by a French gentleman by the name of Blaise Pascal in the 1600s. The story goes that the inventor game across roulette by accident, whilst experimenting with perpetual motion. He named the wheel roulette. Pascal was already a famous physicalist and mathematician and the word got around France very quickly regarding the game he’d invented. Of course, this became popular enough that the game started to spread all around the world. The game has changed very little in the last few hundred years, apart from zero.

The Basics of Casino Roulette

If you are new to the game, it would help to learn a few of the basics before you jump right in. Familiarize yourself with the Casino apparatus and get to know the equipment before you start to play. The best way is to observe other players or talk to those around you.

Roulette means “little wheel.” On this wheel are 36 numbers and a 0; on some American tables, there is a “00.” A croupier who is the person that takes the bets on the table and spins the wheel. A small white ball eventually lands on one of the numbers. Bets are placed on the table, correlating with the Numbered Black, Red and Green slots on the Roulette wheel.
On the table are the numbers and a few other options:

Tip! “If you are new try playing Black or Red or Just Odd or Even until you understand a bit more and then you can start to play the table later with strategy as you learn and progress as a player.

1st 12
2nd 12
3rd 12

Get to Know Your Bets?

Know the different “inside” bets. In roulette, you have to anticipate the number or type of pocket on which the ivory ball is going to land. To do this, there are a range of bets you can make.”Inside” bets, or bets placed on specific numbers, generally have higher paying odds. You can bet:

What is an Inside Roulette Bet?

"Straight up" betting on one number pays Pays 35 to 1.
Split betting on two numbersPays 17 to 1.
"Street" betting on three numbers.Pays 11 to 1.
Corner betting on four numbers
The chip lies on the intersection of the four numbers.
Pays 8 to 1.
Six line betting on 6 numbers.
The chip lies on the edge of two adjoining streets.
Pays 5 to 1.
In American Roulette only is the Five-number bet which covers "0,00,1,2,3" and pays 6:1, and the Row 00 bet which covers 0 and 00Pays 17:1.

Roulette Outside Bets

Learn about “outside” bets. These bets do not involve specific numbers and are made on the outside of the number map, hence the name.

Type of Outside BetPays
Colour betting when betting on Black or RedPays 1 to 1
Evens and Odds or Odds and EvensPays 1 to 1
Column Betting 12 Numbers in a line top to bottomPays 2 to 1
Dozen Betting 1-12, 12-24, 24-36.Pays 2 to 1
High or Low Bets1 to 1

Live Roulette Know Your Odds!

Realize your odds. At every roulette table (and at every game in the casino itself), the house always has an edge. All bets at both wheels (French or American) are paid at odds that would be true if only the 36 numbers were on the wheel. Their advantage comes from to 0 — and the 00 in America. 

There are theories as to how you can improve your odds, but they don’t work. However, there are some variants that change how the favor lies:
At American tables, the “00” slot increases the casino’s advantage even more. On a roulette table with a single zero, the casino has an advantage of 2.7%. On a roulette table with a double zero, the casino has an advantage of 5.26%.

Some French tables will employ rules that generally help out the players. The “La Partage” and “En Prison” rules apply to outside even money bets like odds or even, black or red and low or high; they also apply when the ball lands in the zero slot. They are similar in the sense that players only lose half of their bet, but players cannot leave their bet on the table for another spin with the La Partage rule. If a player loses, they can collect half their bet in the En Prison rule, or leave half their bet on the table for the next spin with the La Partage rule.

Playing Roulette?

Playing the Game
When playing traditional Roulette, you first will need to find a table either at a local casino or go online to visit one of the many online venues.

Tables have Maximum Bets and minimums this will be shown on the table or in the case of an online casino there is always an information tag on the image, and this will display table limits which vary between each game and table. These are known as “Place cards” and I believe it is regulatory procedure for a licenced table to have this.

If you place an “Inside Bet” Table limits are often lower for inside bets than they are for ‘Outside Bets’ this is because inside bets pay out 36-1 the casinos sometimes like to cover themselves as 36 x a lot. Is a hell of a lot!

Previous results on Roulette are always recorded either on a LCD screen in a land based joint or if you’re an online player there will 100% be a box on your screen showing previous results.

Our advice is to pay no attention not this board as Roulette is a totally random game of chance! But it does give you confidence you are not playing on a rigged table. Scientifically speaking it could just as easily get Green every time! Roulette is 99% Luck but on a positive not its not a game that requires much skill to play meaning anyone can get involved.

The Croupiers are often very knowledgeable or at least they are at my local casino and happy to help explain when required.

It Helps to Watch Other Players to get a Feel for the Game

Look and watch for a while before joining the tables. Unless its too crowded which Roulette tables can often be due to the high popularity of the game. Then perhaps a quick YouTube visit will help explain or learn at a cheap online table with online casinos allowing you to get some experience.

Some dealers have habits so look out for this when in the casino or playing online? Not such an advantage in Roulette but sloppy Blackjack dealers can lead to loses for the casino and big wins for us! Sometimes anyway but its well worth looking out for in all Casino games after all its about who can play the game the best with skill games or sometimes who’s the better mathematician?

Roulette Chips vs Regular Casino Chips?

When you arrive at a Roulette Table firstly, greet the Croupier and exchange your casino chips for equal value Roulette Chips.

The reason for this is that the chips you exchange are all the same so upon exchange you will get a colour that is unique to you and other players will have colours unique to them. This is so you know who placed what bet as everyone uses the same board and table at the same time.

This helps keep things easy. Then you choose the value of your chips so you can have £1 Chips or £100 Chip value it’s up to you.
When leaving the Roulette table, you will need to exchange your Roulette Chips for regular Casino Chips as thewy are specific only to this game

Ready to Play?

Get to know the procedure of the game it’s eat, sleep, rave, repeat over and over again. The dealer will take bets when the last chip from the last round has left the table and that round has been paid. At this point bets can be placed on the table for the upcoming round. 

The Dealer will throw the Ivory Ball in to the already spinning Roulette Wheel before announcing shortly afterwards that the table is taking no more bets.
Once the ball settles, the dealer places a marker on the winning number or winning chips, losing bets get cleared off first and then winners get paid.

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