What Happened to The Stardust Hotel and Casino?


The Stardust Hotel and Casino

This is the story of the infamous yet glamorous Stardust casino in Las Vegas. Contact us if you have any memories or pictures of the Stardust?
Tony Stralla was the original personality behind the inception of the famous Stardust casino. The business model here was to charge $5 a day for rooms and to give each customer $5 in chips! A bit like a welcome bonus with a deposit match bonus you may get at an online casino today.

It was a casino everyone could visit for the people. It was said it lacked the elegance of The Desert Inn and the sophistication of The Sands. But you didn’t need to be a high roller or celebrity to enjoy The Stardust.

A Troubled Start

The construction of the stardust to its opening was full of hurdles and it changed hands several times before it finally opened. Tony Strella dubbed ‘Tony Stardust’ was told in 1954 when he applied for a gaming license. The Nevada tax Commission said they would never grant license agreement due to the fact that he had previously engaged in a legal gaming operation.


Initially, the Stardust was scheduled to open in 1955 only to be later stripped of its gambling license due to state zoning issues. Mr. Las Vegas Mo Dalitz. was then part of a group that purchases still unfinished struggling license-less Stardust. The film Casino starring Robert De Nero was based on the story of the Stardust casino and hotel.

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