Virtual Reality Does VR Gaming have a Future?

VR Casino Entain and NFT's?

VR Casino Virtual Gaming Entain and the Metaverse NFT and Crypto? Its an exciting time. Sports betting giant Entain sets its eyes on VR Gaming with the metaverse and it’s rumored to be making a $133 Million Dollar Investment. Specifically, the company intends to fund start-ups and develop applications for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

At E-Vegas we are excited to see what happens in the world of online casinos regarding Crypto casino gaming from the likes of Bit Starz and Fortune Jack. There was already a lot to take in with the rise of cryptocurrency casinos without the Metaverse putting everything into warp speed.

The Metaverse is a digital environment that uses virtual reality, blockchain, and concepts from social media have quickly emerged as an attractive niche for many individuals and companies. A few weeks later, the team behind the popular meme coin Shiba Inu revealed it is heading towards a Metaverse project of its own, dubbed Shiberse.

VR Game Changer or Gimmick for Online Casinos?

Is this the future of online Casinos, or are we all being Zukaberged? Is gaming about to change, thanks to Virtual Reality? Do we really need more interactive and immersive experiences for gamers than Live Casino currently provides? With a VR headset and a compatible iGambling platform, players can experience an interactive casino experience similar to the experience at a traditional casino center. I’m sure these headsets will be expensive at least to start with maybe this is more of a high roller or a VIP experience for now.

The Google Daydream is an affordable VR headset that is compatible with Android smartphones as for now VR headsets are out of reach for most players. Did you know the first VR casino game is Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt from Evolution Games?

Gonzos Treasure Hunt In VR?

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is the first Live Casino game to offer gameplay in Virtual Reality (VR) mode. Immerse yourself in the game and join the fantastic world of Gonzo! To play the game in VR mode, you need a VR headset with a controller to interact with the game. The game phases are the same as in regular gameplay, but you now have access to stunning 360-degree video content, with a user interface adapted for this.

So it looks to me like Evolution is currently leading the way with yet another world first.

In this innovative game show, available exclusively from Evolution, you join Gonzo and the game host on a quest searching for hidden treasures against the stunning backdrop of an ancient Incan world. The game’s main feature is a giant wall with 70 stones, and this is where you will be searching for prizes.

In this innovative game show, available exclusively from Evolution, you join Gonzo and the game host on a quest searching for hidden treasures against the stunning backdrop of an ancient Incan world. The game’s main feature is a giant wall with 70 stones, and this is where you will be searching for prizes.

Metaverse I-Gaming

What can virtual reality and augmented reality do to enhance the online casino experience? But critics have warned that the metaverse is becoming wildly crowded and becoming a competitive online space. Non-fungible tokens will be used as a type of virtual cash for the purpose of gambling online.

Critics say the idea is grossly overrated and question whether virtual worlds will really evolve. Whilst Wall Street is very excited about the metaverse, calling it the next big investment topic that could change the world.

What does Metaverse Mean?

The word “metaverse” is composed of the prefix “meta” (meaning outside) and the stem “k” (reformation from “universe”); the term is commonly used to describe the concept of a future iteration of the Internet, consisting of persistent, shared, three-dimensional virtual spaces connected in a perceived virtual universe. The writer Neil Stevenson coined the term “metauniverse” in the 1992 science fiction novel “Avalanche”, in which he introduced the realism found in realistic 3D buildings and other virtual reality environments Incarnation.

Metaverse Casinos

Virtual reality technology will take you into the metaverse, so instead of playing online casinos on your computer screen, in the metaverse, you will be transported to a real online casino where you can walk around, interact with Make in-game wagers and maybe use your winnings to buy casino items.

So imagine an online casino where you can connect in a real-world like Las Vegas, where you can see neon lights, hear cars, see other players play, and sit back and play any game. . Desire to play slot machines, blackjack, video poker, or similar games.

 A metaverse casino with a wide variety of games is sure to appeal to a large number of players, which means that everyone will get what they want. A casino should be one that gives you a complete list of options from classic and modern slots to random number generator table and card games, live dealer games, and jackpots. Since the whole idea behind decentralized casinos is to be a Metaverse variant of traditional land-based casinos, there is a huge variety of casino games that can be played.

Responsible Gambling

Remember that while the Metaverse casino is virtual, the money you will be playing with is real, so as with any gambling site, never bet more than you can afford to lose. Another important piece of advice to follow when choosing a Metaverse gaming site is the type of security the casino uses.

 Decentral Games allows you to play blackjack, slots, roulette, and other casino games on Metaverse.

Will We See A Virtual Reality Vegas Strip from

The possibilities of VR Casino games are endless but why stop at VR Games when we can have VR Casinos? But we would like to see a full-scale virtual soon. Only limited details have been released but there’s certainly the talk of a full-scale virtual free-roam in the US. It’s tipped to feature real Las Vegas casinos past and present.

Imagine you drop out of the sky onto the glimmering streets of Take a stroll rather than a stroll down the strip, Watch the Bellagio Fountains in VR, and walk in and out of any casino you want when you want without the need to sign up for entry. One sign up and access 30+ Vegas Casinos and play in One, Two, or All? The choice will be yours.

That’s right it’s possible we will see the lights of the Flamingo shining brightly once again in Virtual Augmented Reality. Tipped to possibly feature The Golden Nugget, MGM, and Caesars but talks are still at an early stage, according to official statements. 

We could even see The New Frontier Club, The Stardust, Castaways, El Ranch, and the Desert Inn welcomed back to a Virtual Las Vegas strip recreated with some historical accuracy letting the legendary history of Vegas live on for many years to come.

Company Director M. Cartawick of JWK Digital says this would most likely be achieved using current top video gaming developers and the use of Cryptocurrency in the form of the coin or casino chips.

It’s been mentioned that the Chips or E-Vegas coins would act like cash once in (VV) Virtual Vegas but would technically be gaming NFTs. This enables the player to exchange any currency including fiat for NFT chips upon signing up to (EV) Electronic Vegas and play at any casino they want. 

It’s an exciting prospect but for now, you’ll have to wait for a free-roam virtual Vegas. Until then to see what Vegas has lost to the sands of time check out one of our favorite places. The Las Vegas Neon Bone Yard at The Neon Museum.

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