Fremont Street

Named in honor of explorer and politician John C. Frémont. Fremont Street is designated between Main Street and Sahara Avenue. Fremont Street dates to 1905 when Las Vegas itself was founded. Fremont Street was the first paved street in Las Vegas in 1925. While gambling was established prior to being legalized, the Northern Club in 1931 received one of the first 6 gambling licenses issued in Nevada and the first one for Fremont Street.

Why Fremont Street

The Fremont Street Experience. Depending on your reason for visiting Las Vegas you should not miss Fremont. You can find the most authentic experience. Play at the Golden Nugget, The Frontier Club, The Fremont hotel and casino Binion’s Gambling Hall, and The Four Queens. Also, you can check out the Mob Museum and the Las Vegas Neon Museum which we love. With a lot of the older casinos being torn down but the neon signs of what was are all in the boneyard at the neon museum.

This is the side of Las Vegas you should visit if you’re into history. Personally, I view this place as a work of art. This street is home to some of the most iconic names in Vegas. The Fremont Street canopy is an absolute work of art. The canopy uses over 49 million LEDs to create multiple changing atmospheres. Suspended 90 feet in the air and over 1/4 mile long. It cost $32 million. It changes all the time, and the image is said to be four times sharper after a recent upgrade and can now operate in the daytime as well as at night. It is estimated that annually over 22 million visitors travel to Fremont Street to experience the canopy and the vintage casinos.


Some People Simply Prefer!

There are several reasons why some people might prefer Fremont Street over the Strip in Las Vegas: Unique Atmosphere: Fremont Street has a unique, old-school Vegas atmosphere that some people find more authentic and exciting than the newer, glitzier feel of the Strip. The street is lined with vintage neon signs and historic casinos like the Golden Nugget, and it’s known for its lively street performers and entertainment.

Cheaper Prices: Compared to the high-end resorts and attractions on the Strip, Fremont Street offers more affordable options for food, drinks, and entertainment. Visitors can find cheap drinks, low minimum bets at table games, and free entertainment options like the nightly light shows.

Less Crowded: While Fremont Street can get busy, it’s generally less crowded than the Strip, especially during peak tourism periods. This can make it easier to move around and explore without feeling overwhelmed.

Nostalgia: For some visitors, Fremont Street evokes a sense of nostalgia for the Vegas of yesteryear. The street has been a popular destination for decades and has played a role in many classic Vegas movies and TV shows.

Overall, whether someone prefers Fremont Street or the Strip is a matter of personal preference. Some people enjoy the glitz and glamour of the Strip, while others prefer the more laid-back, vintage vibe of Fremont Street.

Better Value vs The Strip

This is where you can visit what some call the old sawdust joints. This is where you’ll find some of the oldest casinos in Las Vegas. People who like traditional hardwood bars and a creaking floorboard or two rather than the ultra-modern strip casinos. One of the best things about Freemont is it’s cheaper for everything and you can get better odds on some of the casino games. No triple zero Roulette tables on Fremont St and table minimums are lower here too. The food is better quality and price. The rooms are cheaper but some of the strip’s casinos have better rooms.


Casinos with Some History - A More Authentic Experience

Historic casinos and other buildings like Main Street station, El Cortez and Golden Gate opened in 1906. It’s cool if you like vintage machines. I really like to see the vintage mechanical machines and penny slots.

Family Friendly During the Day

Its fine for taking the kids in the daytime but nighttime is full of showgirls and more adult themed. You can just hang around on the street with bars that serve drinks right onto the street under that huge screen. It’s full of street performers and there are stages with live music performances scattered down the street.

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