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Are you looking to join a high stakes table or want to play for free online with friends? We recommend checking out PokerStars. Even if you don’t choose to play here, it is probably one of the best online poker resources on the Internet. They have a dedicated poker school to help new players learn about the game. Play Omaha poker, Texas Hold’em poker, Five Card Draw poker, Razz poker, 7 Card Stud poker, Spin & Go poker online for real money or just for kicks.

Is PokerStars the UK's Best Online Poker Site?

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New PokerStars players only. Min. deposit £10 with Bonus Code ‘FORTY’. Free Play given as cash and Spin & Go tickets over 6 days. Tickets expire after 24 hours. Restrictions may apply to bonus (excludes withdrawal of bonus winnings). See full T&Cs.

Join Neymar JR and get tips and more at PokerStars Poker School – the online training site where you can learn the basics of poker and start playing for fun. It has everything you need to improve your game and perfect your skills at a pace that suits you, and best of all it’s completely free to use! New to poker? Visit the Beginners’ hub. Enjoy Pokerstars on a range of the latest “Tech Devices” playable on any device.

888 Poker is Made to Play With - Whats the Verdict?

888Poker is a 100% dedicated online poker site operating in the UK and around the world. Play on the latest tech it is all supported. 888 is one of the world’s largest and most reliable poker networks. Play free Poker online at 888 for Fun whilst you find your feet and hone your skills before jumping into a real money game. Being a dedicated Poker site, they have on offer offer a huge range including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, BLAST, Jackpot Sit & Go and SNAP fast-fold poker. Feel safe and secure when playing at 888Poker online and follow in the footsteps of some of the best players who choose to play with 888 like Dominik Nitsche, Chris Moorman, Vivian Saliba, Martin Jacobson, and Kara Scott.

Play Poker Online in the UK at Grosvenor

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Grosvenor Casino although not a dedicated Poker site is well worth a mention online and on land. You can earn up to 40% rake back when you join Grosvenor Poker VIP club. Find expert insights and valuable advice from on hand experts where the community of both amateurs and Poker pros. Plus, if you would like to get to some real-life action, hit Grosvenors dedicated Poker rooms at your local Grosvenor Casino Become a Grosvenor member and enjoy live entertainment, food and drink in your local Grosvenor Casino.

The Poker Discovery Pack from William Hill

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Full T&C’s apply – 18+


William Hill Poker offers a wide selection of games, including Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Stud. At any game type like Tournaments, SitnGo and cash tables. The games are available at different stakes that fit players of all skill levels and bankroll size. On top of that we offer a selection of over 100 Casino side games that include the latest state of the art design and features.

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New to Online Poker?

Online Poker in 2021 is huge! If you know when to hold them and know when to fold, them there will be plenty time for counting when the dealing is done. Weather you play online poker with friends for fun or maybe you’re a serious master strategist? E Vegas has some exclusive welcome offers for new players from some of the best online poker sites on the internet.

The Growing Popularity of Online Poker

Over recent years the number of Poker Players worldwide has increased dramatically and has gone from the Millions to the Billions in terms of online revenue in the past decade. Whether you are new to the game or you can tell what the cards are, by the way they hold their eyes? 

Online Poker rooms offer an entirely familiar experience to the Poker or Casino card room but with some distinct advantages to be gained by participating in online events.  With land-based Poker Rooms far between and limited stakes and who to play with Online Poker is a great option.

 New players usually have no problem checking, calling, or folding, but they tend to struggle to find the courage to bet or raise. There will be times when calling is the absolute best thing to do, but many new players tend to rely too much on calling and lose some serious value at the tables.

Interesting Poker Facts

Did you know: The game over Poker is over 200 Years old and originated in America and its origins trace back to New Orleans. The game of poker was not played in its current for with a full 52 card deck until 1834. Poker was origionall played on river barges as it was legal to play on the water and not on land at the time.The first live broadcast poker game/tournament was in 1983.

Poker Hands

Each Poker game uses a fifty-two- (52) card standard deck of playing cards. Each of the cards has a value. The cards are ranked from Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 through Two in descending order. An Ace may also be used as a card lower ranking than a Two in sequence.

While the earliest known form of the game was played with just 20 cards, today it is usually played with a standard deck. Although countries where short packs are common, may play with 32, 40 or 48 cards. But lets stick to the basics. The 52 card deck scinario.

The Straight is fifth on the poker hand rankings list and is made up of five sequential or consecutive cards.
The strongest poker hand of all is a type of straight flush where you have A-K-Q-J-10 – all in the same suit.
A four of a kind in poker is simply four cards of the same value.
A full house poker hand is made up of a matching three of a kind together with a pair of a different value.
A flush in poker consists of five cards which are all part of the same suit, but not in a consecutive order.
A 3 of a kind consists of three cards of the same rank.
Two pairs, each being a different rank.
One pair is simply two cards of the same value.
High card is the lowest possible hand, made up of five cards which do not produce any of the above.

What are the Most Popular Poker Games to Play Online?

Texas Hold'Em

Hold it! Have you tried Hold’Em? Texas Hold’Em. Tie up the horses, put the big iron on your hip and take a seat at a Texas Hold’Em table. Legend has it that the first version of the game was played in Robstown, Texas in the early 1900s. Texas Hold’em was introduced to Las Vegas by well-known poker players such as Doyle Brunson and the legend that was Amarillo Slim.

Omaha Hi-Lo

Omaha Hi-lo is a Poker game in which each player receives four cards as their initial hand. Each player MUST use a specific combination of five cards: any two out of their hand and any three from the board (community cards) to form the best five-card Poker hand and also the best five-card low hand.

Essential Poker Terminology


All-Inn in the game of Poker is where a player puts all of their chips into the pot.


Ante is defined as the money deposited into the pot prior to the start of a poker hand. The expression comes from poker and other betting games, where “ante” means to place a bet or deposit into the pot before the cards are dealt.


Blinds in poker are mandatory bets that are put into the pot before the cards are dealt. The small blind is posted by the player to the left of the dealer button, and the big blind is posted by the next player to the left. the player to the left of the dealer’s button (small blind). The dealer and the second player to the left of the dealer (big blind) are required to make mandatory bets in the pot before the cards are dealt. dealt (the small blind must post half the amount of the big blind).


A bluff in poker can be defined as a bet or raise to force an opponent to fold a hand incorrectly. The great thing about Poker for me is the ability to bluff. Bluffing seems slightly devious, misleading, or dishonest. But its all part of the Poker game. Poker is an addictive mix of suspense, luck, bluff, and strategy. But personality and persona are all at play at the Poker table. Bluffing in poker is when you bet or raise in an attempt to get your opponent to fold a hand that is better than yours, helping you award a default pot in the process.

The beauty of Poker is that you don’t require the best hand! To win, you just require the ability for your opponent to think you can beat him.
Sometimes a game can be won with noting more than a poker face and a personality.


An announcement that you are calling means that you are calling the other player’s bet; You can’t get out of the game. 

In this instance you must be able to match you opponents bet to continue, or fold. The options here are to call, or to call and raise to stay in the game. 

If the player is unable or unwilling to meet the call he must fold.


To Check is to pass on the betting.


This is the best part of the game. When you are called, and you check you can check and raise the call to try and intimidate you opponent into a fold. This is where your poker face is required.

Community Cards

“Community cards” or “widow cards” are cards which are placed face up in the centre of the table and shared by all players. The set of community cards is usually arranged simply in a line in the centre of the table.


To Fold you hand is to give up. You should only do this when your hand is too weak to compete against other players at the table. Just state that you wish to fold and put your cards face down on the table to represent this.


A hand is the the set of five cards made up of the pocket card the player started with and the comunity cards.

Poker Face

A rich facial expression. Is enough sometimes to turn a game. A poker face is a facial expression that does not express any emotion, a facial expression that hides its feelings by making it appear blank or neutral. In Poker even when you feel the heat. A poker face is an essential when trying to hide flaws in your strategy or fooling other players in to folding when you possess an inferior hand.

In other words, the player is said to have a poker face, which means that regardless of his hand strength, he is completely emotionless and emotionless at the poker table.

This ability is a huge advantage when playing poker in person but of far lesser advantage when playing poker online.
But I suppose you could create a more intimidating avatar than the other guys to create the same dramatic effect.
Poker professionals attempt to remain expressionless during the game, so their opponents cannot guess their strategies or situations in the game. Poker players try to keep their faces completely blank so that no one can tell if their cards are good or bad. This adds a completely psychological aspect to the game.

Winning in poker is very important and it is important that the player provides as little information as possible about his hand. It is strategically advantageous for each player to keep his hand value secret. In our opinion this is where online poker excels in entertainment and excitement as its as luck and money are often beaten by face and conviction. In this way poker is a more even game. Financial advantage is of far less benefit than in other casino games.

Questions and Answers

Yes, there are tonnes of safe online poker sites on the internet to choose from and most online casinos are offering poker options. There are also a bunch of specialized dedicated poker venues. Safe sites include GG Poker, 888 poker, Poker stars and Party poker.
UK Poker has been legal to play online since the gambling act of 2005. The legal age in England, Scotland, Wales, NI According to the 2005 gambling Act is 18+. This includes British offshore/ overseas territories. Poker joints are scarce these days but online is totally legal and can be great fun to play with strangers of friends.

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